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March 27th, 2024

Haven’t found your question?
- Visit the official documentation page
- Ask your question on the official Discord server
- Write to support@cascadeur.com

If you’re certain you’ve found a bug, please send the following for review:
1) The problematic .casc scene file (if the problem can’t be replicated in other similar scenes)
2) Logs - can be accessed in Cascadeur in Help -> Logs folder
3) DxDiag file - found by pressing the Start button, entering "dxdiag" and selecting the dxdiag entry in the results. Then save the dxdiag file to your computer.
4) Crash dumps - located at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\CrashDumps



About Cascadeur 

What is Cascadeur?
For whom Cascadeur is intended?
What makes Cascadeur different from other animation software?
I don’t have any experience in animation, but I need to produce/modify 3D animations. Is Cascadeur the right software for me?
Can Cascadeur’s AI predict what kind of pose or motion I want to make? Can it make animation for me?
Are there any released or developing projects made using Cascadeur?
Does Cascadeur support third-party software?
Can I animate non-humanoid characters (animals, robots, monsters, etc) in Cascadeur?
Does Cascadeur support the full rigging pipeline? Can I create a skeleton for my model and skin the mesh to the joints?
Can I produce a cartoon-style animation in Cascadeur?
Is Cascadeur only good for producing gameplay animations? Can I make cinematic animations with it?
Can I use Cascadeur in other languages? Can you add support for other languages to Cascadeur and its documentation?
Is there a roadmap with the planned features for Cascadeur?


Account management 

Registration and Login 

I can’t log in using my Gmail/Facebook email and password
I have several Gmail accounts. Can I choose which one I would like to use for registering the Cascadeur account?
I would like to delete my Cascadeur account. How can I do that?


Email and Password Reset 

I forgot the password to my Cascadeur account. How do I reset it?
I’m clicking on the “Reset password” link in the recovery mail, but I get redirected to the main page instead.
How do I change the email linked to my Cascadeur account?


Offline activation 

My computer isn’t connected to the Internet, but I want to use Cascadeur. Is there an offline connection option?


License Management 

How do I check when my license is running out?
I have purchased several licenses for a single admin account. How do I share the licenses on my admin account with other accounts?
I have purchased a license for another person, but the license has been applied to my account. Can you transfer the license to that person’s account?
I’ve purchased the subscription plan, but Cascadeur still has the Free license active. How do I update the license?
On how many devices can I install and use Cascadeur?
Cascadeur shows me the “Too many installs” message and I can’t login because of it. How do I fix this?



I’ve received an invoice with the wrong information. Where can I request to correct it?
I would like to request a formal quote for the purchased license(s). Where can I do that?



Subscription Plans 

What are the differences between the subscription plans?
Do I have to purchase the Pro subscription plan if I want to receive the software updates for Cascadeur?
Does the Indie license have any restrictions? Can anyone use it?
What exactly does “gross revenue” mean? Does all of my revenue count as gross or only the revenue that I receive from using Cascadeur?
I’ve used Cascadeur to produce assets for my video game. The development of the game is now complete. Do I have to keep paying for the Cascadeur subscription?
I see that there’s a “priority support” offered to the Pro subscription plan users. How does it work?
I’ve noticed that the Cascadeur Pro subscription price has been increased after the version 2024.1 came out. Will I have to pay an increased price when it’s time to renew my license?
After the 2024.1 version came out, it was announced that you can claim a free 2-year Indie license. Can I still do that?


Perpetual license 

What is the Perpetual license and how does it work?
Can I add the specific Cascadeur version to my account as part of the Perpetual license by purchasing the Monthly subscription?
I don’t have access to a particular Cascadeur version as a part of the Perpetual license, even though it has come out during my license’s subscription period. How do I gain access to it?
If I cancel my Yearly subscription before it expires, will I still be given the Perpetual license after my subscription plan’s expiration date?


Purchasing the License 

How can I purchase the Cascadeur license?
My purchase keeps getting canceled. How do I fix this?
I have purchased the Indie/Pro license, but I'm still using my older one. What do I need to do to update it?
Do you have any special deals for the large purchases of Cascadeur licenses?
Do you have an educational license?
I’m only interested in some tools that are available in Cascadeur’s paid subscription plan. Can I purchase access to only the tools that I need, for a lower price?
Can I pay for my subscription in installments?


Promo codes 

How do I use the promo code for a license discount?
The “Add promo code” button is missing for me. How do I make it appear?
I want to purchase a license with a promo code, but during check-out, I get a message “You cannot change your recurring subscription plan at this time”.
How often do you hold promotional events?


Lifetime discounts 

I have a lifetime discount on my Cascadeur account. What happens if I don’t renew my subscription plan before it expires?
How can I gain a lifetime discount?



I don’t want to renew my subscription. Can I cancel the auto-renewal?
If I cancel my paid subscription before the expiration date, will I still be able to use it?
I want to renew my subscription, but the purchase keeps getting canceled. How do I fix this?
My subscription wasn’t auto-renewed and because of that, my subscription has expired. Why did this happen?



I would like to request a refund for my purchase of the Cascadeur subscription plan. How can I do that?
I have used a promo code, but have been billed a full price of the subscription plan for some reason. Could you refund me the difference between the full and the discounted prices?


General use 

OS and platforms 

On what platforms can I use Cascadeur?
Are you going to add support to Intel Macs?
Are you going to add support to other Linux distributives?
How can I download older versions of Cascadeur?
When I try to download an older version of Cascadeur, I get the newest version instead. How do I download an older version?
Cascadeur has gibberish interface text that’s not English language. How do I fix it?
When I try to save my scene, Cascadeur gives me a Unicode error with weird symbols.


Scene and viewport 

How can I change the input controls?
How do I change the viewport camera controls?
How do I change the hotkeys?
Can I save my current settings as default?
I don’t have a middle mouse button to use some of Cascadeur’s controls. Can I change it?
How can I hide objects in the viewport?
I want to create a simple block-out for my animated scene. Does Cascadeur have any objects that I can add?
How can I make certain object types selectable in other viewmodes (like being able to select Box controllers while in the Point controller viewmode)?
Can I make rig objects visible even if they’re behind the mesh?
When trying to open a .casc file I receive the error "Opening scene failed! Object does not have key isAlwaysLocked"


Import/Export in Cascadeur 

How can I import animation and objects to my scene?
Can I import and use other file formats in Cascadeur (ABC, GLB, BVH, OBJ, etc.)?
How do I import a second character to the scene?
How do I import and apply an animation to my character?
I get an error “Import animation: failed” when I try to apply animation to the rigged character in the scene. How do I fix it?
I’ve applied animation to a character with a control rig in Cascadeur. The character is moving, but their toes stay in one place. How do I fix that?
I have a base model that I want to apply animation to. The base model and the animation model have different skeletons. Can I still import this animation into Cascadeur?
I’m using Cascadeur on Mac. When I import a character model into the scene the meshes aren’t imported.
Can I import video and audio references in Cascadeur?
Can I import a single image to a flat mesh to use as a reference?
I get a “Couldn’t create frames directory” error when I try to import a reference video. How do I fix it?
Can I render a video of my animation and export it?
Can I render a video of my animation with the camera objects in the scene?
I’ve imported a model into an empty scene, but it’s extremely small/big. Is it okay to use it?


Third-party software 

I have a problem using the animations produced in Cascadeur in my third-party software. How do I fix it?
Does Cascadeur have templates for standard characters from other software?
I have a character that has a standard Unreal skeleton. Would Cascadeur’s Quick Rigging tool be able to recognize it?
Can I import files in proprietary formats of other software into Cascadeur?
Does Cascadeur have bridge addons to other software?
Can I import and use a control rig from another software?
I’ve imported a model from Daz Studio with additional accessories and created a control rig for it. When I move the model, the accessories stay in place. How do I make them follow the model?
When I bring the model exported from Blender into Cascadeur, it has a scale of 100. How do I reduce the scale to 1 while keeping the model the same size?
I’ve imported the same model into my Unreal Engine project and Cascadeur. When I export the animation of this model from Cascadeur to Unreal, the skeleton isn’t being recognized.
I’ve exported a model from Blender to Cascadeur, animated it and imported it back to Blender. The bone sizes of the imported model are wrong. How do I fix it?



How do I add textures to my character?
Why does Cascadeur not recognize the embedded textures in the file that I’m importing?
What texture types does Cascadeur support?
I don’t have a texture, but I’d like to set the character’s mesh to a different color. Can I do that in Cascadeur?


Tool use 


What is Autoposing and how does it work?
Can I only use Autoposing for posing my character? Are there any other tools available for posing?
Can I use Autoposing with any character?
Can I train Autoposing with my own data?
Why does Autoposing completely change the character pose when I move a single controller?
After I generate the Autoposing rig, my character’s pose changes on frame 0. How do I make my character stay in the original position?
Autoposing makes my character’s shoulders slouch when it updates the current pose. How do I correct the shoulders?
Autoposing makes my character’s posture hunched. Can I “straighten out” the character?
When I move one of the Autoposing controllers, the character is moved up into the air. How do I make my character stay?
When I move one of the Autoposing controllers, the character’s pose breaks completely. How do I fix it?
I want to animate the character under the scene’s ground plane, but Autoposing doesn’t let me move the character down. Can I turn off the collisions somehow?
The Autoposing controllers have suddenly disappeared for me. How do I bring them back?
After I try to generate the Autoposing rig, I get the error “Auto posing tool: AutoPosing: no objectIds”. How do I fix this error?
After I try to generate the Autoposing rig, I get the error “Auto posing tool: AutoPosing: no object with name: ‘???’”. How do I fix this error?



What is Autophysics and what can I use it for?
Can Autophysics recognize the type of motion that I’d like to make and generate it with AI?
Can Autophysics work with incomplete and/or poorly done animations?
Does Autophysics apply the right physics settings automatically?
Can Autophysics detect the environment in the scene (terrain, obstacles, etc) and adjust the physical generation according to it?
Can Autophysics produce ragdoll animations?
Can Autophysics use collisions?
I have an animation with the character performing actions high above the ground and I want to use Autophysics on it. How would I do that?
I really need the Autophysics to keep a pose on a specific frame intact. Can I somehow make the Autophysics keep the pose?
I’ve used Autophysics in my animation, but the generated physics ghost jumps high into the air. How do I fix this?
When I try to use Autophysics, it gives me the error "Autophysics: Interval length for selected center of mass is less than 3 frames". What should I do to fix this?
When I try to use Autophysics, it gives me the error “AutoPhysics error: No root point in pinocchio model manager”. What should I do to fix this?


Copy tools 

I want to copy the position of a character’s body part from one frame to another. Is it possible to do so in Cascadeur?
I want to copy the position of a character’s body part from one frame into a set of frames on the timeline. Is it possible to do so in Cascadeur?
I want to copy and paste the animated timeline interval. How can I do that?
I want to copy-paste only the position and not the rotation of a character’s body part (or vice versa). How can I do that?
I need to turn my animation into an “in-place” animation. How can I do that?


Animation tracks 

What are Animation tracks and how do they work?
I want to apply different interpolations and kinematics to separate body parts. Can I do that in Cascadeur?
Can I create and manage Animation tracks in my scene?


Mocap tool 

The Mocap tool gives me the error “Autoposing not enabled”.
The Mocap tool captures motion only on the first frame of the timeline.
The Mocap tool’s extracted motion is barely usable.
Can I use a single picture with the Mocap tool, instead of a video?


Interval Edit mode 

What is the Interval Edit mode and what is it used for?
My animation is positioned too far away from the scene’s center and I also need to rotate it the other way. How do I do that?
I need to rotate the character on all keyframes, but the direction they’re moving has to be left untouched. Can I do that?
I need to turn my “in-place” animation into a moving one. How do I do that?
I have made an animation in Cascadeur. I need to paste a specific pose into it, but I want to gradually blend the pose across multiple frames. Is it possible to do so?


Character animation 

Interpolations and kinematics 

What are IK and FK kinematics? What are their differences and use cases?
What’s a GR kinematic type?
What is Autointerpolation and how does it work?
What are the differences between the interpolation types in Cascadeur?
Why are there 2 kinematics menus above the timeline?
How are interpolations calculated in Cascadeur?
Can I mix the different types of interpolations and kinematics in my animation?


Posing and animation 

Does Cascadeur have an animation course where I can learn how to animate?
When I move the character’s limb too far, the rest of the character’s body is pulled with it. What is this feature?
I don’t like how the relaxation pulls the rest of the body when I overstretch the limbs. Can I somehow make the body stay still?
I’m trying to rotate a controller, but it gives me an error “This object doesn’t support global rotation around itself”.
I’m trying to change the character’s pose, but it’s snapping back to the previous one. What do I do to make the new pose stay?
I want to reset the character’s current pose back to the base pose. How do I do that?


Character rigging 

General rigging advice 

I’ve imported a character into the scene. What do I need to do to be able to pose my character?
Should I use the Quick Rigging tool or rig my character manually?
What are the Rigid bodies used for in the rig?
Should I use just the rigid bodies to rig every single joint in my character?
What types of characters and objects can I expect to be able to rig in Cascadeur?
After I generate the character rig, I get the error "Your hinge has problems with autoposing". How do I fix it?


Quick rigging tool 

I’ve imported a character into the scene. What do I need to do to be able to pose my character?
I’ve imported a standard character into Cascadeur, but it’s not being recognized by the Quick Rigging tool. Why is that happening?
I have a lot of characters that I want to import into Cascadeur. They all use the same skeleton. Can I save the Quick Rigging tool template, so that all of them can be recognized automatically?
I get the error “Incorrect parent-child hierarchy. Joint XXX is not a child of joint YYY”.
My character model doesn’t have a proper humanoid skeleton to fill out all of the Body slots of the Quick Rigging tool correctly. Does that mean that I can’t use the Autoposing rig at all?


Manual rigging 

Are there any tutorials that teach manual rigging in Cascadeur?
How do I change the mass and size of the manually added rigid bodies?
How do I make an elbow/knee rigging setup that makes the limb rotate only on one axis?
How do I make an elbow/knee rigging setup that makes the limb rotate only on one axis?
My character has digitigrade (animal leg) limbs with 4 joints. Is it possible to create a double hinge connection for such limbs?
After I generate the rig, it looks like some of the rig elements are not connected. Can I connect them somehow?
Can I add constraints to my character rig?


Prop and weapon rigging 

I want to attach a weapon to my character’s hand. How would I do that?
Can I create a quick simple rig for a weapon, like you can create one for the character model?
I have a two-handed weapon and I want my character’s left hand to follow the weapon. How can I do that?
I want to attach the character’s left hand to the weapon hilt but still be able to move the attached hand along the hilt. Can I do that?
I would like to import and rig a firearm in Cascadeur. How can I do that?

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