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About Us

Our Mission
We strive to eliminate any needless treadmill work from the process of creating animation. An animator using Cascadeur will be an artist and a choreographer rather than someone who has to carry out a lot of boring and repetitive tasks.

We believe that to reach this goal we have to use:

  • A Physics-based approach to make animation look realistic
  • Deep learning to avoid the routine in the animation creation process

Eugene Dyabin started Cascadeur in 2006 as an internal animation tool for Nekki (a video game development company founded by Dmitry Terekhin in 2002). Nekki produced the «Shadow Fight» fighting game series and the «Vector» parkour game series.

Our team grew, but Cascadeur remained an in-house project for several years, until we were ready to share it with animation enthusiasts all over the world.


The Closed Beta Test version became the first release outside the company, introduced in February 2019. It attracted over 20.000 participants.

The Open Beta version rolled out in July 2020 was our next major step. Tools for creating custom character rigs and the first AI-assisted AutoPosing tool were added to this version. More than 60.000 animators took part in it.

The Early Access version eventually arrived in April 2021. Many new features were added, including the next-gen AutoPhysics tool. This was also the first release to introduce a paid Pro subscription for commercial use.

The fully-fledged Release version is expected to arrive in 2022.

Our RnD team works towards improving the physics and deep learning tools to make them more user friendly and intelligent.

Cascadeur provides most animation tools straight out of the box. And we plan to implement all the required animation tools which are not yet present in the program (e.g. blendshapes, facial rigs etc).

Full list of features, both planned and shipped, can be found here

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